LAN Problems…COD5

May 26, 2009


I recently bought Call of Duty World at War for computer to play with my brother via LAN. However, it had numerous problems with this, from server timeouts, to both of us not being able to host at once, something was up. We are both moderately schooled when it comes to server setup, and had already opened the ports and whatnot. The end result – we never found out how to fix the problem but learned what to do to bypass it. Interestingly enough, we wouldn’t be able to join and host each others games unless one of us had a dynamic IP address. Totally crazy! Why must these issues exist. I only hope someone else will read this and solve their problem if they were having the same issue we did. I wish I was a networking “yoda.”

But for those of us who are not there’s trial and error and, a great site with the largest database of gaming/router set up I know of.

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A Demake?

May 13, 2009

I too was a bit puzzled when I heard the term but it makes quite a deal of sense. A demake is a just a remake of a game in a different (most often simpler) form, that captures the spirit of the original! It is akin to a cover of a song performed in a different musical style. These demakes often entail a new graphical style that caters to the new form, such as the pixelated demakes shown below. Take a look:

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

Gang Garrison 2

Gang Garrison 2

Gang Garrison 2 – Now available on the Smoke distribution platform, this Faucet game is the latest 2D action packed multiplayer shooter! You’d be a fool not to try and enjoy it! You will find yourself using similar play styles as well as recognizing levels from the game it’s based off of (Team Fortress 2).



Portal: the Flash Version

Portal: The Flash Version

Portal: The Flash Version – Also a Valve game demake, Portal: The Flash Version is great fun and can introduce one’s casual gamer friends to “thinking with portals”, all withing the browser. This flash game is just as puzzling as the original Portal and just as fun. Be sure to try the flash version’s map pack for the actual 3D game, known to Xbox360 owners as the Still Alive Map Pack!

Post any demakes you have found in the comments below!

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May 11, 2009

There was a time…100 views ago…when I never expected to get a 100 views. But you have all vanquished my fears, destroyed my stupidity, and made me a better person! Thanks and stay tuned for more from WoooWooo’s Place.

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Music I Love

May 11, 2009

So much good independent music comes out these days I just gotta share it all with you!

Jonathan Coulton – From the creator of the end credits song in Portal comes dozens of amazingly funny, relatively clean songs! Listen to most of his songs for free under the music tab…and then buy them!

My Favorites: Code Monkey, Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime

Issac Shepard – An amazing piano player I discovered from the good ol’ flash game Music Catch!

My Favorites: Before Dawn, Romance of the Seas

Hope you enjoy!

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Our Son? Arson?

April 23, 2009

Chapter 2 – Our Son? Arson?

Time – 2 days after Quiggle’s return home From The Center

Location – housing of the authors/editors for the not so prestigious¬† e-magazine “Traveling Tunes‚ÄĚ

Fire/Police Department and Paramedic Bomb Squad (F.P.D.A.P.B.S.) Commander Chuck was speeding down Grant St. in order to reach the burning apartment. Being a majority of the city’s civil servants, Chuck often had to make tough moral decisions. Like just now, when he chose to go put out the fire rather than save Mrs. Wagner’s cat, who was stuck in three and a half foot tall tree. Chuck had racked his brain from all previous experiences on this one, and he was pretty sure he had come to the right decision. Although speeding down the road, Chuck was perfectly safe. His multi-purpose utility truck was equipped with anti-crash detection. In fact, Chuck truly loved the feature. Many a few down-time hours were spent with Chuck in his truck going 150 and intentionally trying to hit other cars. To this day, he had only succeeded once.

Chuck peered through his windshield ahead, and saw the dim orange glow of the fire around the corner. When he arrived, he leaped out of his truck, clad in a multi-purpose uniform, and examined the situation. He took note of the size of the fire, a good twenty feet above the apartment itself. He noticed several people huddled by a car in the apartment’s parking lot. He heard a large explosion from inside the house. He sniffed the air for chemicals, and since Chuck knew he had no clue how to identify any, he also took out his multi-purpose PDA which told him the fire was indeed started intentionally with several illegal chemicals. After gathering all this information, Chuck did what he always did, ran straight in to the blazing flames, a devilish grin on his face.

Well, first he clicked the button on his polythermic protection bubble, which made it impossible for him to be harmed, and then he ran in. But something was wrong. As Chuck got closer to the base of the building, he felt, whats the word for it,HEAT! But, wait, he thought, what about my bub– Then it hit him like a bag of sand slung from trebuchet. He forgot to charge the batteries on the device! CRAP! Not once in Chuck’s whole career as a F.P.D.A.P.B.S. Commander¬† had he forget something so vital! Several thoughts went through Chuck’s head then. Not necessarily in the following order, here they are:

1. There are people in danger

2. I am in danger

3. I should run

4. The people should run

5. I like running

6. I would look like a coward

7. Cowardice is bad

8. Death is bad

9. To avoid death I should run, thus becoming a coward which is bad

10. CRAP

Chuck’s thoughts were cut short when he saw a young couple run out of the building yelling “Our son! Oh nooo, our son!”

Chuck, a tad bit delirious from all that thinking, smiled and thought yep, they are right, the fire started is arson, ha ha, our son, arson, arson is bad isn’t it…

“F.P.D.A.P.B.S. Commander, you have got to help us, Our son–why are you smiling you sick freak!”

Chuck immediately snapped back into the situation. “Don’t worry,” he said with the conviction of someone who actually knew what to do, “your son’s gonna be okay!” And Chuck dashed into the apartment and up the stairs as if he did have batteries for his polythermic protection bubble.

Five long minutes later Chuck ran out of the building a hero, covered in ashes and embers, carrying a small child in his arms, yelling “I saved ARSON!”

The parents rushed to him and saw their child. They happily cheered, “Our son, our son, he’s all right!”

When the parents said to the child, “Come on, lets get you to the hospital,” Chuck stared the baby straight in the eye and said “You go, we go.”

The man then said, “Well, duh? You are the paramedic, so you will have to take him.”

Then the world span and darkness surrounded Chuck.

A few days later, Chuck woke up in a hospital safe and sound. When he read the travel e-magazine of the targets of the arson fire, he couldn’t help but think, “Oh boy, they were really asking for it!”

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Cleaning or Clearing

April 19, 2009

I cleaned my desk a few days ago… or did I? All I did was move all the stuff on it into the trash can. Really, that’s what passes for cleaning these days? I think I really just cleared it up so more junk could take its place. So technically all I did was prepare for a mess! That is most definitely not cleaning!

Then what is cleaning? I think cleaning should be more or less the intention of making something look neat and usable for, well, ever. Wouldn’t it be easier to not pile stuff on my desk, and instead just organize it? That would not only allow for my desk to appear clean, but it would also be useful. I could then get out those important papers whenever I needed them.

So, why I am talking about cleaning? Well, I figure if I type something in my blog, I will be more likely to actually do it. Yup, I want a clean desk that stays clean! I hope this rambling will be entertaining to you and also helpful to me.

See, WoooWooo’s Place is creating a good ol’ symbiotic relationship ūüôā

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Pride as in PRIDE!

April 17, 2009

This is to be my first fictional narrative published on my blog and I hope you enjoy it. It is set up with an intro and a story. There is a possibility of more stories coming that also fit with the intro depending on what my avid readers think of it. The quote is from Aristotle. Here it goes:

Their galaxy was dense…

Not dense as in stupid but rather dense as in being¬† populated with numerous planets and stars. That was not to say the people in the galaxy weren’t dense as in stupid. In fact, most were so dense as in stupid they couldn’t calculate the precise density of stars in their quite dense as in populated galaxy.

In case you were wondering, the density of their galaxy is 1.2798e987 ppt (planets per terrace) (terrace = 7 million elliptical miles) (e = everything factor)

And as some not so stupid person in that galaxy said, you “are what you repeatedly do.” Thus, it is only fitting that this chronicle of their galaxy be a record of stupendously stupid events.

The history follows:

Chapter 1 – Pride as in Pride

Time – Unknown

Location – The Center

The Center is just about what it says it is, the center (of their galaxy, give or take a few kilometers). The people living at The Center (Centurions) were quite proud of this fact. They contributed their location to their “heroic” forefathers, and bragged with dozens of fabricated stories about it to anyone who would listen (and most who wouldn’t). Their pride has swelled over the thousands of year they dwelt at The Center and the idea of the center has become a direct part of their culture. Economy, music tastes, toe nail length, you name it, it all relates to the Centurions centered standing. All these factors make the following encounter between the Centurions and a tourist possible…

Quiggle had read about The Center in his favorite travel e-magazine (“Traveling Tunes”), which happened to be the most hated for most people (a fact Quiggle couldn’t understand until actually trying to go to one of the places in the magazine as he does now). With promises including “CENTERING YOUR GOALS” and “MEDIATING YOUR LIFE” Quiggle was taken quite easily by the idea of visiting The Center. He was a simple man with simple tastes. A more centered society would favor his lifestyle. Little did he realize what being at The Center meant.

Excuse me, but there must be a mistake, my room is packed with other people! Could you check my key again or–”

“There is no mistake,” said the Centurion sternly, “that is our CENTER room, the ONLY room, the BEST room, if you don’t like it just waddle on back to where you have come from.”

Quiggle, quite taken aback by what the man said and the tone in which he said it was speechless, leaving the Centurion a good chance to boast, much to Quiggle’s dismay.

“So, did you ever hear about how Medralax moved our planet here so we would be at The Center! I mean, he single handedly…”

This was in fact the third time Quiggle had heard the story, but what Quiggle had found strange was the variations in the different tales.¬† “He moved the planet with a giant, rocket controlled billiard cue..”, “with a nuclear explosion that wiped out all plant life for several…”,¬† “with his bare hands, that’s how it was done, I tell you!”‘

“Stop it!” Quiggle screamed, almost scaring the Centurion to death. “I wanted simple, and I get this!” He boldly pointed his finger to the CENTER room that currently had about 35 travelers packed inside as he said this. “Insane, simply, NO, not simply, crazily insane. I am going home.”

After this, Quiggle stopped reading travel e-magazines entirely and never traveled again.

And when the authors and editors of the e-magazine “Traveling Tunes” nearly died in a fire, no one suspected Quiggle.

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April 12, 2009


Pardon the post title but parallel structure is important these days. Braid, a game very successful on the Xbox360 was just released for the PC yesterday. It is available from various retailers (Greenhouse,Steam,Impulse,and GamersGate) for around $15. It is an ingenious 2D platforming puzzle game that shows how much effort was put into it every second of the game. From the music to the artwork, and most importantly the puzzles, everything is beautifully crafted. A demo is out so I highly suggest you try it. This amazing game where mistakes are a thing of the future and time travel in certain ways is possible will leave you satisfied at every turn. The metaphorical story is interesting and gives your actions purpose throughout the several different worlds. So, what are you waiting for, go try it out!

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Neologism Contests ARE AWESOME

April 9, 2009

Neologism means a newly coined word that might be close to entering common use. The Washington Post takes this to the next level with their Annual Neologism Contest. Its pretty awesome. Basically you take any word in the English language and give it a different definition. For example, the winner of the 2005 contest: coffee (n.), the person upon whom one coughs. Well, that’s okay, but we can do better. Here are the best ones I have made:

1. lunatic – an annoying, bloodsucking, bug from the moon

2. neighbor – a horse that can’t make exciting sounds (a stretch, but oh well)

3. metronome – a midget that hangs around subway stations (a friend made this one, my favorite)

The other kind of neologism entries they allow in the competition are ones in which you again take any word in the English language; but this time you add, subtract, or replace any letter in the word before making up a witty definition. The winner for this was: bozone (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future (as based off “ozone”). My best are as follows:

1. harathon – either a best hair contest or a race involving bunnies (as based off “marathon”)

2. kleptsomaniac – a thief that cannot sleep, a deadly combonation ( as based off “kleptomaniac”)

3. Illinoi – a state whose pronunciation makes sense (as based of “Illinois”)

Well, there’s mine, now where are yours? Post your best neologisms below!


Washington Post 2005 Neologism Contest Winners

Wikipedia Neologism Article

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